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Aqua-Magic System

Say goodbye to your watering can with Aqua-Magic System:
the drip irrigation system with no tap
and no electrical connection

The magic of water with no taps
and no electrical power

Aqua-Magic System is the exclusive new product by Claber which allows you to easily create a drip irrigation system for all your terraces or small vegetable patches, including those with no electrical or water supply.

At the heart of the system is the Aqua-Magic timer, equipped with a built-in photovoltaic panel which powers two standard rechargeable batteries and one small electric pump which draws the water and distributes it to the drippers.

Aqua-Magic System also includes a filter, feeding tube, drippers and everything else you need to set up a drip irrigation system for up to 20 pots in a few simple steps.

With Aqua-Magic System you can leave behind your watering can and enjoy relaxing on your terrace. Simply fill with water any standard container – or the practical 80-litre foldable Aqua-Magic Tank by Claber –, to ensure your plants are always well watered, without any waste.

  • Hybrid power supply: sunlight, which charges two rechargeable batteries through the built-in photovoltaic panel
  • Batteries: 2 rechargeable HR6/AA 1.2V NiMH, at least 1800 mAh (not included)
  • Water supply:water tank (no tap)
  • System: min.10 – max. 20 drippers
  • Programming: 2 dials, one for the watering frequency and one for the water quantity per dripper
  • Programmes: 54 different irrigation solutions
  • Watering frequency: from every day to once a week; can be set to every day, with a 6-hour delay
  • Water quantity: from 40 ml to 200 ml per dripper (with 20 drippers installed)
  • Manual irrigation: 100 ml per dripper (can be stopped before)
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With Aqua-Magic System, 2 irrigation lines can be set up to water up to 10 pots each.

A three-level irrigation system can be set up, with different flow rates of water for the pots lower down to those higher up.

Every plant in your hanging vegetable garden is well watered from the roots, and the pots can be arranged on different levels.

Pots can also be positioned above the tank, higher up on a ledge for example, while still receiving enough water.

To water large pots and hanging baskets, two irrigation lines can be set up, each one branched off on two levels.



Thanks to the Aqua-Magic System, today all you have to do is to fill a container with water to leave behind your watering can and enjoy a well-deserved rest. The Aqua-Magic System ensures your plants are well watered for weeks, even while you’re on holiday, without any connection to a tap.
The compact, resistant casing around the Aqua-Magic timer houses a small but powerful electric pump which draws the water from the container and distributes it to the drippers through the feeding tube fitted with filter.
The photovoltaic panel powers two rechargeable batteries, making the system fully independent from the mains.


It really does take just a few minutes to set up one or more drip irrigation lines to water all your plants. The Aqua-Magic System comes ready with 20 drippers which guarantee an accurate irrigation for each, even the most delicate ones, always delivering the correct amount of water, without any waste.
You can set up a single line, branch it off , arrange pots on different levels or water plants positioned much higher up than the pump and water container, for the utmost versatility.


The water to be delivered per day is set for each dripper, chosen from one of the options provided (between 40 ml and 200 ml), as the watering frequency (from every day to once per week).
Simply turn the two dials and the Aqua-Magic System will start working immediately.
Watering your plants has never been so simple.


In the Aqua-Magic System package, you will find everything you need to set up your drip irrigation system right away:

  • 1 x Aqua-Magic timer
  • 1 x wall bracket with screws and plugs
  • 1 x 1/4” filter
  • 1 x non-return valve
  • 5 x 3-way couplings
  • 6 x end-of-line plugs
  • 20 x drippers
  • 20 x stakes
  • 20 m of 1/4” feeding tube

Aqua-Magic System works with any standard water recipient, meaning you can use a tank you already have, or take advantage of the practical Aqua-Magic Tank*.
Claber really overlooks no detail, designing a sturdy yet elegant tank to suit the style of any terrace.
Aqua-Magic Tank can be folded up quickly, taking up very little space and making it ideal to transport or store over winter.

*Aqua-Magic Tank is sold separately.


+Installation guide


  • 0
    Assembling Aqua-Magic Tank is really simple, you do not need any specific tool and it takes just a few minutes.
  • 1
    First take the plastic foot and separate it from the dial with screw.
  • 2
    Position the aluminium base in the guides in the centre of the foot...
  • 3
    ...and screw on the top part of the support.
  • 4
    Attach the non-slip feet to the bottom of the aluminium base, pressing lightly.
  • 5
    Turn the structure over and rest the feet on the ground. Take the PVC container and position it in the middle of the Aqua-Magic Tank. Thread the top handles through the guides on the tank.
  • 6
    Screw the four couplings to the bottom stand.
  • 7
    Clip the coupling bar onto the top handles by pressing lightly.
    The Aqua-Magic Tank is ready to go!
  • 8
    Now fill the tank with water, even using just your ordinary watering can, through the hole on the top.
  • 9
    Prepare the water suction hose by measuring the distance between the bottom of the tank and the timer and cutting off a section of hose of the same length from the coil supplied.
  • 10
    Take one end of the length and insert the special filter which should reach the bottom of the tank in order to work properly.
  • 11
    Thread the other end of the hose first through the hole on the tank protective cover and then through the hole on the support.
  • 12
    Now set up the irrigation line.
    Take the roll of hose and lay it up to the first pot to be watered.
  • 13
    Using a standard pair of scissors as before, cut the hose.
  • 14
    Insert the special in-line dripper. On the other side of the dripper, insert the feeding tube and lay it to reach the next plant, then repeat, cutting the hose and inserting the second dripper. Repeat for each plant to be watered.
  • 15
    Fix the hose with the drippers in place using the provided stakes.
  • 16
    Using the 3-way couplings you can branch off from the main line.
  • 17
    At the end of the irrigation line, insert an end-of-line plug to ensure it is perfectly watertight.
  • 18
    Go back to the Aqua-Magic timer. It is mandatory to insert the non-return valve between the timer and the irrigation line.
  • 19
    Connect the hose, complete with the non-return valve, to the timer (OUT).
  • 20
    Then connect the suction hose to the Aqua-Magic timer (IN).
  • 21
    Insert the rechargeable batteries. The timer is now ready to be programmed.
    (If the batteries are completely flat when inserted, it takes one day in OFF mode for the photovoltaic panel to fully charge them.)
  • 22
    Set the irrigation timer by turning the two dials to select the quantity of water per dripper (from 40 to 200 ml) and the watering frequency (from every day to once a week, with the option to water daily with a 6-hour delayed start).
  • 23
    Once you have selected the required irrigation programme, the Aqua-Magic System will start watering your plants right away. Now all you have to do is remember to fill up the Aqua-Magic Tank, but we’ll think about that in a few weeks!

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